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NHP Professional Practice Outline


As a body of practice we recognise the importance of quality assurance for partner organisations, other practitioners and of course the participants themselves. This is to ensure that all stakeholders are assured of a commitment to best practice and that the participants can fully benefit from Nature and Health events, services and projects.


After many meetings, conferences and discussions we have created this diagram as a way of highlighting best practice in Nature and Health. 

Trained, experienced and competent  in working with the nature based health interventions offered

Nature & Health Practioner

Committed to ongoing professional and personal development
Aware of risks and benefits from nature-based activities and interventions and potential effects on the natural environment, social interactions and personal experience
Follows a set of principles and ethics that put the care of people and nature at the centre of decision making within equality of access
Transparent about mistakes, challenges, successes and learning through self-reflection and evaluation of practice
Follows policies and procedures to manage any practical or ethical issue
Clear compliance with legal, financial, risk and safeguarding practice
Committed to own self-development, nature connectedness and self-care

Risk, assess and care

Training and CPD

Professional development


Nature & Health Practioners

A practice network for Green Care, Nature Health and Wellbeing, Eco Therapy and other nature based approaches.