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Green Social Prescribing Quality Assurance

Many of our practitioners are working with local social prescribing, this is a development in health care referral that we as Nature and Health can provide many relevant services for. 


Below is an overview of the recommended quality requirements as set out in the document below the picture. We recommend you read this if you wish to work with social prescribing. As a network we are calling on the NHS to begin commissioning through these networks and therefore provide sustainable funding for nature and health services. 

Health and Safety

Risk Assessments

Data protection

GDPR compliant

Financial compliance and value for money

Process/ pathway that ensures support agreed

Insurance for outdoors and health interventions

Operate within a recognised institution

Safeguarding policy and DBS checks appropriate to service



Appropriate training


First aid training including mental health First Aid awareness and training

Equality and accessibility

User experience captured and reflected upon

Please read the social prescribing quality measures document below

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