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Published Research
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The evidence for the multiple health and wellbeing benefits of nature connection is gathering fast with many research papers released and ever more sophisticated evaluations of outcomes. Alongside this, the evidence that connectedness to nature improves pro environmental behaviours is also growing. 

Aligning with international movements such as Nature for all, we know that what we offer as nature based practitioners helps people and the planet. These ways of helping people connect to themselves, each other and the natural world needs to be offered across the country, at scale, with  good funding and resources. 

We aim to offer a voice for all our practitioners and support the diversity of what they offer by helping us all be more informed, connected, supported and at ease in our professional practice. 

Here are some examples of research, more categorised research can be found on our member pages.

Dry Leaf

Social Prescribing Quality Standards

A guide to support social prescribing programmes in England


Health and the natural environment: A review of evidence, policy, practice and opportunities for the future

Dr Rebecca Lovell, Professor Michael Depledge and Dr Simon Maxwell Defra (2018)

Dry Leaf

What does successful social prescribing look like – mapping meaningful outcomes



London, University of Westminster (2019)

Polley M, Whitehouse J, Elnaschie S and Fixsen A 

Dark Green Leaf

The Relationship Between Nature Connectedness and Eudaimonic Well‑Being: A Meta‑analysis

Alison Pritchard, Miles Richardson, David Sheffield and Kirsten McEwan

Journal of Happiness Studies (2019)

Tropical Leaves 2

Beyond knowing nature: Contact, emotion, compassion, meaning, and beauty are pathways to nature connection

Ryan Lumber, Miles Richardson and David Sheffield

PlosOne (2017)

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