Multiple Benefits

When you go into nature it is often stated by people that they feel better, restored,  come back refreshed, feel more relaxed and inspired. This is because of the multiple and holistic ways that nature affects your health and wellbeing.


What is even better news is that you can find ways to access even more of these benefits through facilitated programmes and services that our members provide. Through these you will find that your nature connection time becomes a vital and important part of your life in ways that consistently and deeply affects your health and wellbeing.


If you want to know more, contact your local provider or see our evidence page which reflects the multiple ways that research has shown the benefits of nature connection. 

Some of the potential outcomes from Nature, Health and Wellbeing Interventions, hover over boxes for more info:

Enjoying Nature

Simply put it works at every level. Personal, Social and Environmental

Nature & Health Practioners

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